Video Turkey 1 - 0 Netherlands

24.03.2021 - (World Cup) Burak Yilmaz second goal Penaalty goal Turkey 2 - 0 Netherlands-World Cup Qualification Europe.

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Turkey take the lead in the 14th minute after a blistering counter. Turkey 1-0 Netherlands

GOAL - Turkey breaks through in the 15th minute, and the 32nd ranked side takes a 1-0 lead on the 15th ranked Netherlands squad.

Let’s go qualification world championships Turkey - Netherlands 1-0 16th minute.

5 pm Turkey-Netherlands World Cup Qualifiers Europe 0-2 8,5 Coolbet, 1-3 15 Coolbet, 2-3 29 Coolbet

Turkey to get beat 2-1 by the Netherlands, Belgium to beat Wales 4-0 and Serbia to draw 1-1 with northern Ireland

Penalty to Turkey! Turkey 1-0 Netherlands

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Full Time: Belarus 4-2 Estonia Netherlands 2-0 Latvia Norway 0-3 Turkey Croatia 1-0 Cyprus Thots 🤔