Video Luxembourg 0 - 0 Portugal

30.03.2021 - (World Cup) Gerson Rodrigues goal Luxembourg 1 - 0 Portugal.

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Luxembourg 1-0 Portugal 👀

not luxembourg being 1-0 up against portugal 😭😭😭 maybe it’s not half as bad for ireland

Luxembourg 🇱🇺 1-0 Portugal 🇵🇹👀

I honestly believe Luxembourg are going to beat Portugal today, especially after they’ve just scored just now to make it 1-0

NO F'ING WAY. Luxembourg just scored against Portugal and leads 1-0. Let's GOOOOO 🇱🇺

Meanwhile Luxembourg are 1-0 up against Portugal.... 😯 Kenny Cunningham might've been onto something

Luxembourg 1 Portugal 0 Brilliant!!!

That man Rodriguez again! Luxembourg 1 -0 Portugal (30 min).

Luxembourg 1-0 up against Portugal tonight, yet the people on Twitter think they’re a shit team cos they’ve a small population 👍🏼👍🏼

Blimey Luxembourg 1/0 up against Portugal you couldn’t write the script ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Favorites to win this summer? 🤔 Portugal are currently down 1-0 to Luxembourg 😳

Toujours aucun gros match avec le Portugal hormis sont but vs Luxembourg en 2019 pour le 1-0