Video Chelsea 2 - 5 West Brom

03.04.2021 - (Premier League) Chelsea vs West Brom 2-5 Extended Highlights & Goals 2021(Sports.10).

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West Brom fucking 5-2 how scummy are chelsea

West Brom too dey throw bants at Chelsea because of 5 - 2 TT just mess up today😒🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

I was gonna say Chelsea to piss u off but West Brom did them dirty bro 5-2😂💀💀

Go on what’s the reason Chelsea lost 5-2 to West Brom

Wait, am I reading this right? West Brom beat Chelsea 5-2??? I mean, I'm not complaining but what the fuck???

Don’t let this distract you from the fact chelsea lost 5-2 to west Brom at home

Had a dream that Chelsea lost 5-2 to West Brom that’s crazy

City 6-0 Chelsea Bayern 7-1 Chelsea Chelsea 2-5 West Brom Fenerbahçe 2-1 Chelsea Chelsea has 0 history

Blue? You do realise Chelsea lost 5 - 2 to west brom...

Na hiyo siku ndio chelsea walipewa bao 5 na west brom wakapewa 2,😂😂

Chelsea’s unbeaten run ended by West Brom Chelsea 2-5 West Brom

wait chelsea actually lost 5-2 to west brom today

Chelsea's Game Today Was Poor,Very Poor They Lost 5-2 To West Brom😂😂😂😂

Chelsea finish 5th this season West Brom finish 2nd from bottom 5-2 coincidence I think not

Thomas Tuchel: I want to make Chelsea everyone will be afraid to play against 😂😂😂 Chelsea 2 West Brom 5 😂😂😂

It’s funny to see Aston Villa fans saying Liverpool losing to them 7-2 is worse than Chelsea losing against West Brom 5-2

Chelsea lost 5-2 to West Brom lmao stfu

i really wanna be 2nd in my fpl (esp since it’s BB) but gundo adams benched chelsea 2-5 west brom lmao

Manchester City 2-0 Leicester Chelsea 2-5 West Brom "Advantage Manchester United" Manchester United 0-2 Brighton

At least West Brom beat Chelsea 5-2 so you got that going for you.

west brom 5-2 chelsea lmao

That’s what happens when we fucking lost 5-2 to west fucking brom what the actual fuck


Chelsea vs West Brom 2-5

West Brom pumped Chelsea 5-2

West Brom 5-2 Chelsea Newcastle 2-2 Spurs Brighton 1-0 United What is going on

Maybe because 19th West Brom beat an inform Chelsea 5-2

Chelsea who is my team lost 5-2 to West Brom, could be worse

If this stays how it is and Brighton win 1-0. People will talk about this defeat more than Chelsea 5-2 West Brom.

Only Chelsea could lose 2-5 to West Brom and still be in top 4 😂😂

Since Buhari Travelled to London No any London club has won a Match Chelsea 2- 5 West Brom Arsenal 0- 3 Liverpool Tottenham 2 - 2

Chelsea lost 5-2 West Brom, we’re about to win. Not sure why you’re laughing.

Let's laugh at Chelsea losing 5-2 to west brom😂😂

W better than West Brom 5-2 Chelsea

Lol, English Teacher in AZlantan voice, E Choke you? CHELSEA 2 WEST BROM 5

Mbaye Diagne of West Brom 4 goal against Chelsea in their 5:2 win user id. 1505417

Skjønner fortsatt ikke hvordan Chelsea gikk fra 2 baklengs på 14 kamper til å tape 2-5 mot nest sisteplass West Brom 🤯

Chelsea is a very up and down club imagine winning atletico Madrid and not lost any match since tuchel now they are losing 2-5 to west brom

West Brom 5 Chelsea 2

Chelsea 2-5 West brom Leicester 0-2 Man city Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool Man utd 2-1 Brighton Wolves 0-2 West ham

I hope Wednesday stay up. As a West Brom fan, we best chelsea 5-2, so anything is possible 😂😂

Haha chelsea is finished losing to west brom 5-2

Chelsea 2 VS 5 West Brom